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Arktouros means “Guardian of the Bear,” from Ancient Greek arktos (bear) and ouros (watcher, guardian). Brightest star in the northern hemisphere, next to Ursa Major (the Great Bear). Also called the “night-watcher,” because it revolves about the northern pole and seems never to set. 

Civil Society traces to Aristotle’s koinōnía politikḗ, with the goal of broad eudaimonia (flourishing) through personal sovereignty and opportunity ensured by fair, consistent, democratic rule of law.

Our focus includes Emergent Technology, incl. cryptographic advances and distributed systems presenting increased resilience and nuanced challenges.  



Mass flourishing and the limitless potential of ingenuity are unlocked when people feel secure and empowered by rational consistency of law and opportunity. Arktouros is dedicated to serving as a vigilant guardian of the rule of law and limitless potential, while providing agile navigation across complex landscapes and emergent horizons. 

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